I bet you thought this blog was going to fade into obscurity now that I’m working full time again. You probably figured that once I returned to a routine of working, working out, cooking, cleaning, and watching Law & Order SVU, this little writing and drawing project would just fall by the wayside.  If you did, you were right to think so. You still might turn out to be right, but I’m going to try and stave off the weeknight lethargy a bit longer.

Last week, Kim and I found out that Portland is somewhat of a suitcase city. I suppose most people have family either in the suburbs, down in California, or back on the east coast, like us. By Wednesday, I didn’t see a single car or bike on my commute downtown to my office.

On Wednesday night, Kim and I went to Mission Theatre for dinner and second-run movie. We saw “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, which was essentially “Garden State” meets “Girl, Interrupted”. It wasn’t mind-blowingly good, but it had a few cute moments, and the moral of being grateful for friends, family, and other blessings was fitting for Thanksgiving eve.

The next day, Kim and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together by making enough food for both our entire extended families…then eating all of it ourselves. Check it out.

After eating, we commenced three days of lounging, shopping, and movies. I almost let a four-day weekend come and go with nothing to show for it but about 6 added pounds and a disturbingly firm grasp of college football’s BCS rankings, but I managed to make it out for a hike on Sunday. Kim and I went up to Angel’s Rest, a ridge along the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

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