Just in Time for the Holidays.

The iPad already features apps that make life easier and better than ever before. You can play video games on yet another screen, create an amp for your guitar, and even watch a TV show on your way home to watch dozens more TV shows. But why stop with online applications. This holiday season, Apple introduces new apps for the physical world.

The Bluetooth App saves you the trouble of reaching all the way to your pocket for you iPhone. (Caution: may make right-hand turns while driving more difficult.)

The iGriddle App heats your iPad’s surface to temperatures capable of frying an egg, or warming up a cozy chai latte.

Solder to your heart’s content with the new iWeld App.

Say hello to the iMat, the world’s first placemat application. Keeping that air of awesomeness about you 24/7 requires a balanced and carefully measured diet.


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