About the Blog

Bound for Portland chronicles my feats and failures as I adjust to living in Portland after spending most of my life on the east coast. Most of my blog posts detail my travels and outdoor adventures with my girlfriend and intrepid hiking companion, Kim. In addition, I enjoy writing about the trials, tribulations, and self-discoveries that come with searching for work and settling into a new city.

About the Blogger

My passions in life include writing, design, the outdoors, education, and travel. I’m still searching for the perfect way to integrate those passions into a preposterously lucrative career, but I’m sure I’ll get there someday.

Blog Origins (like X-Men Origins, but with smaller claws.)

I originally created this blog as a way for Kim and I to record our thoughts and emotions as we traveled from DC to Oregon by car. Once we reached Portland, I realized that the essence of travel writing had less to do with location, and more to do with exploring new experiences and relationships. We’re still doing those things, so we’re still writing.

Our goals for this blog are threefold:

1. We’re driving 3,400 miles from Washington, DC to explore Portland, OR. While I’m sure all of our days won’t always be jam-packed with excitement (I’m looking at you Nebraska), I think this trip qualifies as an adventure. We’ll be visiting some of our favorite states, including colorful Colorado and Montana, and staying with a lot friends and family along the way (many thanks to all of you!). Kim and I have had more than a few requests from our East Coast family, friends, and co-workers to keep them updated on our travels. We figured a blog was the appropriate platform to share the fun of the open road with you. I acknowledge that this is far from a novel concept—some of you may remember the Bucknell-Penn Alumni Bike Race blog, or the travel blogs of other wandering DC expats—but I hope you’ll still follow along. Kim and I will do our best to update daily, internet access permitting.

2. By traveling across the country over ten days, we’re getting a first-hand impression of the state of the nation. Of particular interest to me, given my past work on recycling, water conservation, and energy efficiency projects for EPA clients, is the state of America’s “Green Revolution”. My current sense is that it hasn’t started yet. I’m in agreement with New York Time Foreign Affairs reporter and author Thomas L. Friedman that America is currently paying lip service to the “green lifestyle”, but not yet seriously committing to environmental sustainability.  My goal is to observe what’s being done, and just as importantly, what’s not being done, preserve our environment and improve our way of life for future generations. I don’t want to beat anyone over the head with heavy-handed environmental commentary when all they wanted to do is see pictures from the road. At the same time, I would like to share some thoughts on what I view as the single most important challenge of my generation.

3. I used to want nothing more to become a writer, but since finding full-time employment in DC, I’ve all but given up on what used to be a passion of mine. I think there’s a natural inclination to avoid confrontation with dreams deferred. I’ve spent far too many nights shutting my brain down after work and surrendering my imagination to Detectives Stabler and Benson or  Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo. I’m ready to get back in the writing habit. I’m sure it’ll take a while to shake the rust off, so please bear with the typos, run-ons, lousy analogies, and hackneyed descriptions. If CNN.com gets a free pass on mechanics and style, why shouldn’t I?  Just kidding Mom, I’ll try my best.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

-Jay and Kim


One thought on “About

  1. Hey guys, we’ve been thinking of you all day. And yes, Jay, I’ll forgive the typos and am certain to have a few of my own. I just love reading what you write. It’s much closer to my heart than Farmville or the other mindless games I play to forget about my goals! PLEASE keep writing. I love you very much. Mom P.S. How did you do staying awake Kim?

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